7 Most expensive Gaming Laptops on Amazon [75% Discount]

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There are lots of people always searching for the best laptops on the Internet and some of them want expensive because of premium features.

Rather, the truth is that the more expensive the laptop, the better you get the features pre-installed in it. But it is not that money is everything, you have to take care of some things also before buying a laptop.

So because of this, we are making this amazing guide on the topic of the best most expensive gaming laptop.

Why Choose Expensive Laptops?

There are lots of reason to choose expensive laptops for you some of them are described below:

  • If you are a graphic designer and want faster graphics and better quality display then inexpensive laptops will definitely disappoint you.

    Because cheap laptops do not contain that type of graphic cards that expect for fluent graphic designing.

  • I know you are reading this article because you want to know the laptops that have incredible features for gaming. But you will get all the premium features in most expensive gaming laptops.
  • Expensive laptops are lightweight and easy to handle and carry.

    In terms of gaming, you can play any games while carrying these laptops in your hand.

  • You will always get the ideal weight of about 10.05 Pounds in almost every gaming laptop. Always keep in mind that gaming laptops come with the very high price tags so you have to make sure that you can after that amount to play your favourite games.
  • If you are a passionate gamer then you definitely want high-speed fans with amazing battery life. And you will get both of these only in a most expensive gaming laptop.
  • There are lots of limitations on cheap laptops like fan noise low-quality graphics and many others.
  • So I will recommend going with expensive laptops for gaming and other heavy works.

    Now let’s move towards our main list that our experts pick up for you.. Most Expensive Gaming Laptops 2020

    There are lots of difficulties come while choosing the most expensive gaming laptops. But our Technology expert does this task in a professional way and choose the best list for you. We consider lots of things before picking up any laptops like processor speed, fast-loading graphics, high definition screens, battery life and many other most important factors that should be in a decent laptop.

    Most Expensive Gaming Laptops 2020

    Below we have listed 7 Most Expensive Laptops in th world hope you love this.

    1. MSI GT75 TITAN 4K-071 | Lightning speed and Most Expensive Gaming Laptop

    MSI GT75 TITAN 4K-071

    MSI GT75 TITAN 4K-071 is a powerful gaming laptop available today in the laptop industry.

    It is a lightning speed laptop and because of its unique features, it is considered as the most expensive gaming laptop.

    If you are a gamer then it is large enough to fulfil your needs to play any game.

    Thanks to its glowing customizable keyboard, that provide next-level experience to their users.

    Sounds Amazing Right?

    Titan comes with Gamesense ultimate feature that offers lightning functionality for certain games.

    This is considered as the most prominent among the Gamers and make it the most expensive gaming laptop.

    When it comes to game testing, properly measuring the impact of RAM capacity in MSI GT75 TITAN 4K-071 is no easy task. But this laptop provides you with everything that you need as a gamer.

    You will get 32 GB DDR4 RAM in this laptop which is considered and the sweet spot for gaming.

    Features of MSI GT75 TITAN 4K-071:

  • This is one of the fastest gaming laptops available today on the internet.
  • You will get the best memory to handle all capacity of tasks in a convenient way.
  • You will get amazing battery life with this laptop and you can play your games for a long time without any battery notice interruptions.
  • Our Verdict:

    In my point of view, this is the best gaming laptop recommended by professionals and experts.

    You will get high-quality graphics coprocessor that will provide you with the next-level experience of gaming and graphic designing.

    We really love real-time motion effects come with this most expensive gaming laptop.

    It is quite expensive but provides all facilities and features you want. So you can buy it from the official website and stores and many other online stores are also providing it.

    2. MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012 Laptop

    MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012 Laptop

    MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012 is the high quality most expensive gaming laptops in terms of processor and graphics card.

    This is one of the sharpest laptops comes up with a Sub distributed woofer for un-interrupted (point to consider) and constant sound characteristic.

    Its a strong enough laptop with great graphics experience of doing multiple tasks.

    You will get a master high-performance cooling fan facility that gives a pleasant and comfortable feel to Gamers.

    There are many professional Gamers who have the highest subscriber YouTube channel and they need to stream online then this laptop is perfect for you.

    Do you why? because it comes with a big screen of 17.3 inches and high-quality streaming experience.

    In large screen you will see each components of game clearly.

    The GE70 is a Perfect Combination of hardware and software that provides variability to the laptop.

    The more expensive this device is, the better services you will get from it.

    Features of MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012 Laptop

  • The display of GE70 Apache most expensive gaming laptop is perfectly realistic and it makes streaming additional fun.
  • MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012 comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M for fast loading high-quality graphics and images and this is the most prominent feature of it.
  • The support from the company in amazing and you will get many service centers for it across the world.
  • Our Verdict:

    In my recommendation, this is a decent product but you will be a little disappointed because of its battery life. Because it is a very high processor laptop, the battery is justified.

    If you are a gamer or graphic designer then it can be a perfect choice for you but make sure about your budget because it is quite expensive.

    You can easily use XSplit Gamecaster for a better experience of broadcasting streaming and other gaming tasks.

    3. Apple Mac Book Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop

    Apple Mac Book Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop

    Apple Mac Book Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop is the most popular laptop among the peoples because of its brand and quality.

    Apple products are always in a high position in terms of providing premium features to their users.

    MacBook Pro of Apple is always on the top pickup by the professionals because it provides amazing durability and services to the customers.

    You can easily do lots of task like customising the Touch Bar screen recording while gaming and many other high-performance tasks.

    It is more reliable & the most expensive gaming laptop available on the market today.

    There are many users of Apple reviewing it and only the drawback is its keyboard.

    If you are a passionate gamer and press keyboard keys hard then you need to buy an additional keyboard to use in Apple MacBook Pro.

    The screen in Macbook Pro is sufficient to play high definition games. The speakers are incredible in the updated version of MacBook Pro 13.3 inch.

    If you are watching movies and streaming any videos online then it sounds great.

    In terms of graphics, you will get Intel Iris Graphics 6100 and it is capable to perform many high-quality motion graphics programs.

    Features Apple Mac Book Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop:

  • The Solid aluminium construction makes your laptop collection more attractive than ever.
  • The high-quality display and superior glass trackpads make Apple MacBook Pro the most expensive gaming laptop.
  • Its a strong enough laptop with great graphics experience of doing multiple tasks.
  • In the updated version of MacBook Pro, you will get an amazing feature of Fast solid-state storage memory ( most helpful for web designers or logo makers).
  • Our Verdict:

    Apple MacBook Pro is one of the decent laptops and it is specially designed for the peoples who perform multiple high-performance tasks at a time.

    Not only me but many other professionals recommend this laptop because it provides ultimate services to the customers.

    If you have enough budget and want to perform a lot of task without any interaction then this laptop is for you.

    So according to me if you have enough budget to buy this then you can definitely go with.

    There are many occasions when you will get a good discount on Apple products so in my recommendation buy it at that time to save your hard-earned money.

    4. HIDevolution Asus ROG

    HIDevolution Asus ROG

    HIDevolution Asus ROG is our fourth position pickup in the list of most expensive gaming laptops.

    Asus is a premium brand in terms of providing gaming laptops because it provides all the features that a gamer need in the laptop.

    When you open the screen then you’ll see the message that it is the choice of champions and actually it is.

    Thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 award-winning graphic card makes HIDevolution the first choice gaming laptops among the peoples.

    HIDevolution is one of the most prominent products of Asus company and becomes the most selling laptop among The Gamers.

    We really love real-time multitasking features come with this most powerful processor gaming laptop.

    You will get Intel Core i7 2.8 GHz quad-core that makes it perfect laptop for everyone. Users will get amazing durability with the high-quality graphics card.

    HIDevolution Asus ROG is one of the finest laptop designed with amazing features. If you want a laptop that provides fanless cooling and offers good graphics and gaming experience then you should buy this laptop without thinking any more. Only the one drawback in this laptop is that it not provide surface pen to use.

    Features HIDevolution Asus ROG:

  • There are lots of primary colours available to choose to make your laptop collection more attractive.
  • This device will make you amazed in terms of performance and material quality.
  • HIDevolution Asus ROG provides multiple connectivity options that help you to do too many data-consuming tasks.

  • Our Verdict:

    Asus is known for providing extreme quality laptops with ultimate gaming and professional experience. You will get through Long battery life for continuation work and this is the most valuable feature of HIDevolution most expensive gaming laptop.

    There are lots of ports available in this device. There are many positive reviews available on different shopping websites and review websites.

    So in my point of view if you are a gamer for you have a lot of work in the office then you can go with this beast laptop.

    5. Asus Rog GX800VH

    Asus Rog GX800VH

    Asus Rog GX800VH is one of the finest laptops for Gamers. This is an amazing product with a separated dock that purpose to decrease the overheat temperature.

    You will get Intel Core i7-6820HK processor in this amazing laptop and this processor is decent for all gamers.

    According to many expertise Gamers, this is the most powerful consumer-level laptop in the world. Asus Rog has a Virtually premium finish that makes it attractive and engages people’s towards it.

    The GX800VH is exclusive one with an overclockable mobile skylake i7 that is considered as the prominent feature of it.

    Users will get the high quality dual graphic card of the Nvidia GTX 1080 SLI and this graphic card is specially designed for passionate Gamers.

    Yes, I am not kidding with my users.

    If you are thinking about chin-stroking then and this will give you the best result as it could up with emission of an adaptive premium display.

    Asus Rog GX800VH comes up with best case scenario spectrum that helps you to play game faster than your competitors.

    It offers quickest and latest possible graphics for your better experience. There are many Gamers looking for latest graphic chipset laptops so you don’t need to go anywhere this is the laptop which is a perfect choice for you.

    In terms of the keyboard then it offers mechanical keyboardW/ROG Aura which is considered a decent keyboard for laptops.

    If you like to play lots of games at a time then you don’t need to worry about memory because it provides 64 GB RAM with 512gb PCI-E Gen3x4 SSD.

    It sounds amazing right but it is the most expensive gaming laptop and its price is about $ 6250. Gamers will get automatic updates and can use the highest series of software in the world.

    Many peoples buy this laptop because of its hardware qualities and the premium materials used in it.

    We know that RAM is the most important and essential factor in the gaming laptop so because of high-quality laptop we pick up this laptop on our list.

    Features Asus Rog GX800VH:

    Asus Rog GX800VH offers integrated graphic course that is much better than any other integrated laptops.

    It comes with water cooling in the world and this is the most unique features of it.

    There are lots of premium features available in this most expensive gaming laptop but virtual reality ready feature is incredible.

    Our Verdict:

    Asus Rog GX800VH is one of the best selling most expensive gaming laptop and it comes with the functionally efficient sound system.

    Dear Friends, in my recommendation if you are a passionate gamer then you definitely go with it.

    You will get amazing combinedly efficient connectivity speed. If you have enough budget then after finding this laptop you will feel satisfied because it provides a well-performing display which is the essential need of a gamer.

    6. Acer Predator 17X GX | Fastest Most Expensive Gaming Laptop

    Acer Predator 17X GX

    Acer Predator 17x GX is considered as the fastest gaming laptop with premium qualities. It office premium sound qualities with triple fan custom engineer cooling system.

    Predator 17x is completely next level gaming notebook which regularly provides modern updates to make it faster.

    Users will get an efficient sound system with the microscope in this most expensive gaming laptop. It provides better performance in many aspects of gaming so you don’t need to worry about lags while playing your games.

    However few peoples are reporting that the backend team is not providing good support system but in my case, they are very well.

    If you are using Ethernet or built-in Wi-Fi then this laptop supports both with 3 HD widescreen & decent quality LED-backlit.

    Acer Predator 17x GX has an efficient aero blade fan placed near its graphical Processing Unit with custom engineer table fan protective cooling system.

    This system is a Perfect Combination of memory and storage with a large capacity to do the professional task on the same screen.

    This laptop is of premium quality processor comes with swift turbo boost 3. 9GHz latest generation processor.

    If we talk about the sound system of Predator GX then it comes with the uninterrupted and smooth quality of the sound system.

    You will get it high-quality digital microphone that makes your many tasks easy and if you are a commentary gamer then this laptop is specially designed for you.

    The only real difference that you will notice in this most expensive gaming laptop that it is slightly heavier and larger so it will not be portable.

    The built-in stereo speakers provide you with more clear sounds along with The Definite Technology stereo pair.

    The Gamers like this laptop most because it provides 32GB GDDR5X VRAM which ensure to load your game much faster at an amazing frame per second.

    Features of Acer Predator 17X GX | fastest most expensive gaming laptop:

  • This laptop offers premium quality built-in stereo speakers with perfect materials.
  • You will get NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology that boosts up your gaming streaming experience.
  • The well-performing display with Ultra HD full widescreen makes your invested money satisfied.
  • Our Verdict:

    In my recommendation, this laptop can be a great choice for both Gamers and graphic designers. Because it provides an efficient image processing processor where you can use your video editing skills conveniently.

    Acer Predator 17x GX has amazing graphic card so in my point of view you can invest your money in this laptop for sure.

    We check many premium and high definition games and it provides amazing experience personally. This laptop is quite impressive and has the best replacement of gaming desktop.

    7. MSI GS65 Stealth THIN 068 Gaming Laptop

    MSI GS65 Stealth THIN 068

    MSI GS65 Stealth THIN 068 is considered as the best MSI most expensive gaming laptop in many aspects of premium quality.

    It offers a comfortable keyboard with an extremely powerful processor and provides the gamer with many gaming-wise punches.

    MSI Stealth is the most powerful gaming laptop on the market so far. It becomes the most selling laptop nowadays because of its powerful components and Stylish designs.

    However, it is expensive but you will get all the premium features that you want from a decent one. This laptop provides you with perfect design with slim body amazing look that becomes perfect in your hands.

    There are many online platforms and shopping websites provides great discount on this portable laptop. You will get also EMI options to pay with your credit or debit card.

    Features MSI GS65 Stealth THIN 068 Gaming Laptop

  • High-quality performance
  • Great battery life
  • Next level of gaming experience
  • Lots of Styles and powerful component
  • Our Verdict:

    It is another good option that provides perfect durability to the users and great battery life to perform a long task. If you have enough budget then you can go with this laptop because it deserves a high price due to its material quality.

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