How To Embed A Pdf In Gmail? 5 Easy Steps

Are you wishing to send A PDF file via gmail? This is liking embedding pdf into gmail but Dont know how to embed a pdf in gmail? In this article you are going to learn this.

In this article I have shared step by step guide to how to embed a pdf in gmail. Read this post till last.

How To Embed A Pdf In Gmail?

Before going to embed PDF we are discussing about its benefits.

What is the benefit of Embedding a PDF in Gmail?

Embedding PDF file in Gmail is like to sending PDF file, but the benefit of doing this is “Your Mail Receiver can view PDF document directly without downloading it”

In general, If you send a PDF file to your friend through gmail than he have to download it first before opening it.

If you embed it, he can view it directly without downloading ot doing anything.

Why should anyone to embed a pdf in gmail?
Portable Document Files (PDF) are when saved in storages, it saves with .pdf extension.

Basically PDF is the form of a document filetype which can be used to store and share anytime, a file format for capturing and sending electronic documents in exactly the intended format.

Most of people prefer reading something like ebook etc in PDF format. You can easily sent this in open form.

How To Embed A Pdf In Gmail?

Sending mail via gmail is so simple but embedding a PDF file in Gmail is a tricky task and if you dont have technical knowledge still you can done this by following steps given below.

Note : This trick will only work in PC/Laptop. You cannot embed a PDF in gmail through Android Or iOS mobile.

To know how to embed a PDF in gamil? Follow the steps given below.

Before going to embed, Do this task first :

  • You have to store PDF file which you want to embed, put it in a separate folder.
  • Open Google Drive, Login with Google Account.
    Upload That PDF file which you want to embed.

  • Make sure to Change it from Private to Public so that recipient can view this.

Now move to the main steps.

1. Open a new tab in your browser and Go to login to your account. (If are already logged in follow 2nd step)

2. Create a mail by clicking on “Composes” button.

3. Write your message if you want to send it along with PDF.
If you dont want to send any message just type random characters like @@@@@@ OR ####### OR ********

4. Put Mouse Cursor pointer in MailBox select Message you typed like @@@@@@,
Now Right Click on Mouse, Many options you will get.

5. Click on Inspection Elements. You will see lots of HTML code right side. Basically this all are source code of that page.

6. Copy this Code given below and paste it on NotePad.

<iframe src=”Paste URL here” width=”100%” height=”720px”></iframe>

7. Open Google Drive in new Tab of your browser. And Copy link of PDF file.

8. Open notepad again where you have pasted HTML code. Replace “Paste URL here” with Drive’s File link in notepad.
Now copy whole HTML code from Notepad and Open Browser again.

9. Open TAB where you in gamil.

10. In Inspected HTML, your message you typed like @@@@@@ OR ######### OR *********

11. Remove this text And paste Copied code.

Now send this to your recipient. They will see PDF directly in Inbox and dont required to download it.

If this trick is confusing for you than you should directly send PDF. To do this, you can simply attach PDF.
And you can also do this with Android, iOS mobile.

Still want to embed PDF in gmail? or 1st method doesn’t worked for you? try this method.

In the 2nd method you will have to convert pdf file to JPEG to embed in gmail. I will provide you PDF to JPG convertor tool to convert your PDF file and this will be similar to PDF to Word converter tool.

How to convert PDF to JPG

In the internet you can find lots of PDF to image convertor tool which are quick and free but most of the tool don’t provide concerted with accuracy. Here is the Tool i have suggested below to Convert PDF to JPG.


  • First of all open in your browser.
  • You will see interface like this.
  • In the “Choose A PDF file button” select your PDF file which you want to Embed.
  • Select quality of converted file.
    – Average – 75dpi – For regular PDF
    – Good – 150dpi – For PDF with illustrations
    – Excellent – 300dpi – Rich illustrations, high quality JPG

  • Now click on “Convert PDF to JPG” button to convert it.

After converting you can download your PDF file as JPG file (IMAGE FILE)


Another tool to Convert PDF to JPG file in few clicks.
just click on

How to embed it gmail?
Your converted file is not PDF, its a Image file now So You can simply put it in gmail. There is no rocket science is required to embed a image in gmail.

Now do you still want to send PDF? not a JPG?
Attaching PDF is the last solution for this.

To Attact PDF in gamil follow the steps given below.

1. Open Gmail App. ( It will aslo work in browser, use this if you don’t have Gamil App)

2. Login with you gamil Account.

3. Now click on Plus icon if you are in Gmail App OR Click on Compose button If you are in Browser.

4. Upper side, You will see 2 icons. Click on 1st one.
2 new new option will popup.

  • 1. Attach fileand
  • 2. Insert From Drvie
    Click on First to attach file directly from phone Storage.
    Click on second option to attach file from Google Drive. They will redirect you to Google Drive and from there you can choose you File.

    Using this method you can send PDF to friend or family without embedding it. This process is a simple task in comparison of Embedding PDF.


    Above I have Shared Step by Step guide to How to Embed a PDF in Gmail. I know this process can be little bit tricky for nontechnical persons. If you are able to embed PDF share your experience how tricky you felt this.

    And if you felt this difficulty OR this trick hasn’t worked for you then only 2nd option to embed pdf is remains for you. I hope you like this post. Comment below if you have any query regarding this article.

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