How To Create Website That Generate Passive Income

Making Blog/Website is very esay task nowadays because kind of the tools are helping to make blogs quickly. Now a student of 7th class can aslo develop website. The things only required is Small investment. If you are ready to invest, you are ready to make money online at home. Here you will find Step By Step Guide to How to make a Website, How to make Money From Blog.

How to create a Blog/Website that generate Passive income

For creating a website there is a small investment is required. From small to large businesses all needs a requirements. Here is the list of requirements for creating a Blog.

Requirements for creating a Blog

There is a small requirements a requirements in the case of making high quality and professional blogs.

1. Money About 150$
2. PC/ Laptop
3. Internet Connection.

1. Money
From buying to a business domain to hosting the website in Server required a small amount of 100$ and Buying Themes required extra 49$
Sellers like BigRock, GoDaddy, Provides domains. And For hosting I recommend you to go with A2Hostong Or BlueHost, Or Digital Ocean. If you get Confused What Domain and Hosting are? Chill, I am Explaing below.

2. PC/Laptop
PC or Laptop is required to use Internet to make websites.

3. Internet Connection
A enough speed of internet connection is required. 3G/4G Or WiFi is Good enough.

How to Create A Website?

Before creating a website you need to buy a Domain, Hosting and Theme. So here I am explaining what these things are?

1. Domain

Domain is a name of blog, or you can say its the path of informations we have stored. As you can see my website is domain of my website and I bought it from GoDaddy.

To register a domain for your website follow these steps.

1. Go To Google And Search Or click here to visit now.
2. here you can see a search box.. Put your keywords to check availability.

Godaddy offers


For Example : If you want to make a blog related to “Apple Juice” Search

If your website is available then you can buy that. If that was already taken then you need to search again with different terms.

For Example : If you search AppleJuice.con and this isn’t available. Mean someone already bought that. You have to search again by adding more terms like :,, etc.
You can buy .Com, .Net, .Us or .Org too..

When you found desired domain Just Add to Cart, and Checkout.
Fill the Details and and Pay.
After successful payment you will Invoice and Details via mail.. Open gmail, and Verify the domain.
With this same process you can buy domains from BigRock, or other registrars.

2. Hosting

Hosting Means, Data Storage. As you store your files, images, Photos, Videos etc on your Laptop Or Pendrives.

Similarly, To store Articles, Images Or Documents you need a Online Storage to store. This called hosting in simple language.

The hosting can be cheap and expensive according to the speed and storage capacity. I will recommend you to buy cheap hosting first.

To buy Hostings Follow these steps :

1. Go to Or Click here


2. Here you will find many hosting options, Click on Starter Hosting.

A2hosting offers

Add you domain name (Domain name is required) to complete the buying process.
4. Add personal and payment details and process to checkout.
5. Now here you have added Domain on Hosting.

3. Theme

Theme OR Template is the structure of a website, Theme contains Layouts, Sidebars and Fully Customized Base ofthemete. Your theme will be front end, which will be seen by your visitors. There are lots of themes are available here which can be used to create a Design but With fully customization and Quick speed there are few theme are available.
In this website I am using GeneratePress theme, bought it for 48$. GeneratePress theme is one of the most popular theme you can get in this price. This provides Full Support,

How to Create A Website 2020?

You already have bought domain and Hosting from above steps. Now its to connect and install WordPress on that Domain so that your website can go live.
To connect the Domain and Hosting follow these steps..

1. First of all Login To Your Hosting Account (
2. Here you will find your hosting info and also you will find a Capnel login.
3. Login to your cPanel account.
4. Scroll down, here you will find WordPress Installation Option. Click there and Install WordPress into that domain.
Ather installing WordPress into domain your website is ready to Go.
You can login to your account by visiting

Put your Username and Password to access your account.

Upload Theme in Your Website.

A premium theme is required to create a premium website. I have suggested GeneratePress theme, If you have bouth this theme or have any other free/paid theme you need to install it. To Install Theme in Website just follow these steps..

1. Login to your WordPress website
2. In left side you will find many options, click on Appearance
3. Here you will find another option. “Themes” Click on Themes.
4. You will window similar like this.

5. Click on “Upload Theme” and upload the theme from where you have saved downloaded theme.
6. After uploading, click on Activate to Apply theme in blog.

Your Done! Visit your website to check the changes.

Final Word

You have successfully created your website. Now you can publish your articles and thoughts. When people visit to you you will earn by showing them advertisement or by referring a product, But the main Point you should care is to learn SEO together with creative blog and blogposts. Only with SEO you can get ranking on google so that people will visit you from Google.

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