How Non-Blogging Websites are Earning more than a Blogging Website?

If you are a blogger or interested in blogging than you definitely know about how a bloggers are making money through their blogs. And you definitely know about how hard work is required to generate money.
Have your ever thought you can make awesome money by working less through non-blogging website. here I am explaining how it gets done.

huge money from non blogging website

What is Non-blogging Website?

We can differentiate Blogging and Non-blogging websites. In blogging, You will have to put New blog posts daily. And its requires frequent updates. You will have to read similar blogs to stay updated in similar niche. You will have to do lots of SEO to rank on 1st page.
In one line : Its requires lots of hard work and consistency.
Other side, Websites which are providing web based App (Tools) in different categories are Non Blogging sites. Non blogging site works as Micro niche blog so you have to work for once or have to work less than blogging sites. SEO is also requires less than blogging site (Continue Reading to know Reason behind it)

Examples of Non-Blogging sites

Non blogging website means you don’t have to put blog posts daily. Tools, Convertors and Calculator are Example of this type of blog.
It requires less work, less contents and less SEO.

Have You ever visited this website to download YouTube videos?
This is one of Examples of Non-blogging website. Programmer did hard work to create this script which allows to download Youtube videos. Programmers did it for once. Now it doesn’t requires frequent changes. traffic report

I am using Ahrefs tool to explore this site. As you can see YTMP3.CC website is getting huge traffic per month. Owner of this did work to develop this website once. Now they are enjoying getting huge traffic. It doesn’t requires any frequent chances OR requires only minor changes.

This website is getting 55Million traffic per month which is pretty awesome. But Downloading Youtube Videos is against of policy of Google so you can’t see Google AdSense Ads here. Still they are using 3rd Party Ad network and Affiliates to generate money.

Calculator and Convertors

Calculator and Convertors tools are very popular in whole world.

Age Calculator traffic report

SEO in Non Blogging websites.

SEO is technique to rank any blog in Google’s Search Results. Blogging sites requires lots of SEO strategies like On Page SEO, Backlinks, Guest Posts, etc. The more contents you have the more you have to work hard to rank each post.

In Non Blogging sites Small SEO efforts are required. You have less contents its mean you have to do less On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

Other bloggers start linking to your Tool website in their blogging website. You will get Backlinks automatically.

User Engagement play vital role in SEO. Google loves user engagement. In any tool website, generally people spend 1-2 minutes to understand how tool works and 1-2 minutes to use that tool so most of users spends enough time to send Google a Positive Response. This is the reason why this kind of website rank easily.

Earnings in Such niche sites

Once your website generating impression search results, You will get visitors. Once your website starts getting traffic, lots of doors to make money from it will be opened for you. There are lots of Ways to make money from Blog and the famous one is Putting AdSense Ads.

With AdSense you can make huge money from it. If your tool is on High CPC niche, you will get more richer in less time span.

Sponsored Post, Affiliates, Guest Posts and Backlink Exchange are the other ways to generate money from it.

With AdSense you can earn lots of money from such kind of website. If your tool is not in any illegal niche or if you tool not violating any terms of Google You can get Approval and Place AdSense ad code to make awesome money

Should you start a blog?

Misconceptions about starting a non-blog is that you need to be a great programmer to create tool. But thats not true. (You can hire a developer at cheap rate too).

If you have a great idea, If Your idea is helping people to solve their problem. Go for it. You can be successful in this niche if you are solving even a small problem.

Age Calculator, People with weak math like Me feels difficult to calculate age. Age calculator a simple a tool to calculate age. Lots of age calculators are getting huge traffic from Google.

If your idea is unique, no one can stop you for being success. So you should start such blog if you are programmer or you have an unique idea.

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What this thing is required to Create Tool site?

If you are planning to create a tool website you need lots of things to complete your tool site.
Below you can get list of all the requirements to create web based Application/tool site.

Requirements :

    1. A Domain
    2. Hosting
    3. Tool’s Script
    4. Internet Connection
    5. Skills

Domain is unique address of blog, or you can say its the path of informations we have stored. As you can see my website is domain of my website and I bought it from GoDaddy. You can also buy a domain from GoDaddy or any other registrar.

A hosting is another must have requirement to set a blog.
Hosting Means, Data Storage. As you store your files, images, Photos, Videos etc on your Laptop Or Pendrives. Similarly, To store Articles, Images Or Documents you need a Online Storage to store. This called hosting in simple language. The hosting can be cheap and expensive according to the speed and storage capacity. I will recommend you to buy cheap hosting first.

To buy Hostings Follow these steps :

1. Go to Or Click here
2. Here you will find many hosting options, Click on Starter Hosting.
Add you domain name (Domain name is required) to complete the buying process.
4. Add personal and payment details and process to checkout.
5. Now here you have added Domain on Hosting.

Tool is the main brain part of your Web based Website so a script is required to work on such sites.

If you are a programmer and know how to make programs using JavaScript and PHP you can create any kimd of Tools and Scripts.

If you are not a programmer then creating such kind of website will be hard for you. But, Nothing is Impossible. You can still create Web based tool by hiring developers from

You can also hire us to develop what type of tool you wanna create.
Our pre-developed Tools are available here at cheap rate.
You can buy it. (OFFER FOR NOW)

Your Script can be in different parts. Such as HTMl file, CSS file and JavaScript files. You’ll have to upload all this folders in file manager under hosting.

A laptop or PC is required to create a website. Even creating a script it also requires a PC or Laptop with High Speed Internet Connection this are the simple requirements required to do all the thing.

How to create a website?

We already have posted step by step guide to create blog. Our previous post will teach you From beginning to pro level. So instead of repeating same thing again and again, i will recommend you to check out our previous post.

What are the Various Non Blogging Site Ideas?

Almost all type of ideas are already available in Internet, the only things is you have to put some efforts to search such kind of niche. Here I can show you list of different niche ideas on non blogging site but the problem is you have to work hard to rank ot because big authorized websites are already ranking in such keywords.

Complete list is here :

  • Age calculator
  • Currency Convertor
  • Birthday Calculator
  • USD to INR convertor
  • Image Color Picker
  • YouTube to mp3 Convertor
  • Youtube to mp4 Convertor
  • Youtube Video downloader
  • Facebook video downloader
  • Instagram video downloader

    And so on..
    Lots of niche ideas you will get if you research on it deeply.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Non-Blogging sites? FAQs

    1. How can I create Non Blogging sites?

    Ans : If you have script for you tools then it too simple to create a tool website. Just Upload Script part in File Manager in Hosting. You are ready to Go.
    If you aren’t familiar with this you can hire a developer to get it done.

    2. How can I make money from it.

    Ans : With AdSense you can earn lots of money from such kind of website. If your tool is not in any illegal niche or if you tool not violating any terms of Google You can get Approval and Place AdSense ad code to make awesome money.

    3. Can I get AdSense Approval for Single Page Website?

    Ans : Getting AdSense approval from Single page website is too hard. You may get “No Content” error from AdSense. But still there is a hope. Do this :

      – Wait for a month if your domain is new.
      – Design your website with Good Layouts
      – Add FAQ section below the tool.
      – Write around 5000 words of FAQ below the tool.
      – Add all required pages like About, Contact, Privacy policy and Disclaimers.
      – Optimize your site to load it fast.
      – Add few Images or infographics.
      – Attach a video tutorial.

    OR Do this :

    Wait for a month if your domain is new.

      – Design your website with Good Layouts
      – Add a Blog section
      – Write 20+ Posts related to your tools.
      – Do some on page SEO to get search impressions.
      – Add few Images or infographics on every posts.
      – Add all required pages like About, Contact, Privacy policy and Disclaimers.
      – Optimize your site to load it fast.

    After doing this.. Just apply for AdSense from a new Gmail.


    Every niches have full competition. If you have any unique idea than you can make huge profit from it.
    If you have an unique idea, Go for it.. Because tools are ever green niche and it will never get old.
    I am also working on lots of web based tools and getting awesome response. I hope this post gonna profitable for you. If you have any query, just ask in comment section.

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