How to start a Micro Niche Blogging in 2020?

How to start a Micro Niche Blogging in 2020?: You can make a Micro niche blog to make genuine money without doing works. Yeah.. You’ll just have to work for few days and after that you can make awesome money from your blog without doing anything.

To know more.. What Is Micro niche, How to make money from micro niche blogging, How to get keywords for micro niche etc read this post till last.

You have to create a website for this.. If you dont how websites are created? Check our this post : Start A Blog and Earn Money.

What is Micro niche blogging?

Blogging that covers only 1or 2 Topic in any niche is called as Micro niche blogging.

What is Niche?
In blogging term, Topic is known as Niche, usually people used to say Niche instead of saying Topic to be professional.
Any topics can be Niche such as Helath niche, Tech Niche, Entertainment Niche etc.

There are lots of topics/niches can be found to make a blog such as health topic, Technology Topics, books and Gadgets etc. Picking up a main main niche and Start making website in a subdivision keywords of that main keywords is known as Micro Niche Blogging.

For Example : We took Health Niche As our Main niche. And when we divide its on parts there are lost of new Topics will discovered like : Weight Loss, Diabetes, Kid Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, hair problems etc.

There are lots of micro topics can be found in every niche so you should pick according to your keyword research and competition.

How to Make Micro Niche Blog?

Main part of a micro niche website is Finding a best keyword. If you have a keyword with low competition and enough volume to bring you are ready to go.

So first of All you should find a best and low competitive keyword to make blog.

You dont have to work hard in making Articles, you’ll have to create 8-10 Articles with On-page seo to rank on Google, So your first priority should be finding a best keyword.

You can use Ahrefs like tools to find keyword. Ahrefs is a paod tool, if you cannot afford this tool at beginning than you should use free tools such as Ubersuggest Or Google Keywords Planner.

If you found a keywords start researching about that keywords and try to collect all the required topics and points to make a suitable blogpost.

In previous post I have shared everything about how can you create a website. Using that post you can easily create a website with small investment.

Points To Be Remembered

You can create a micro niche blog easily but you should follow these points also.

1. Micro niche blogging is one time time investing technique so you should focus on Keywords researching more than posting articles.

2. If your first priority of making money from your website is Google AdSense than you should publish 12-15 Articles to get approval from AdSense.

3. You can promote your affiliates products to make money from this micro niche blogging.

4. Use EMD. EMD extend for Exact Matched Domain.
Mean you should buy a domain exactly as your keyword.
Suppose : you are going to make a micro niche website related to ear buds.
And your main keyword is ” Best Ear Buds”

Than you should buy a domain like this : etc.

5. You’ll also have to implement On Page SEO and off Page SEO to rank your blog.

Conclusion :

Making Micro niche blog is very but easy process but finding a suitable keyword is really a hard task. Spend lots of times on keywords research because this is the only part where you are going do hard work.
And if you found keyword, you are ready to make blog.

In this article I have shared everything about Micro Niche blogging. Hope this post helped you. If you have any question regarding this post than put in comment section.

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