5 Best Ways to Make Money From Blogs in 2020 | Work from Home Jobs

5 Best ways to make Money From Blogs in 2020 | Work from Home Jobs :

So If you have created Your blog using our previous article and now you want to know How can a blog make money for you? Then is the 5 best Ways to Make Money From a Blog.
There is lots of source are available in market to make genuine money from a Blog But choosing the best way to make money is really hard task for newbie blogges. Here is the quick guidance that will you on Which one to focus more to make Money Online.

5 Best ways to make Money From Blogs in 2020 | Work from Home Jobs

As i told you in intro that There are lots of methods are available by which you can earn money, and thousands of bloggers are earning 1000$ per month even in a week.
So read all the methods of making from a blog and choose according to your blog.

Make Money Online From Blog

1. Affiliates Marketing

Affiliates Marketing is one of the best, easy and genuine way to make money from a blog. Most of bloggers prefer this way to make money from their website.
In affiliates marketing you’ll have to sell products and services on your website to make money. If your thinking? Which product? I dont have any products to sell?
Then chill..
Affiliates Marketing mean you’ll have to sell others products and services in your website through a referring link.

For Example : If you have created a blog related to “Health” then you can refer health related products like Medicines, Diet Supplements, Health Supplements Protein Powder etc.
You can join Affiliates Programs of health Products selling website like Amazon, Flipkart etc. after joining here you can create affiliates link to refer your visitors.

If they buy something using your refer link you will get commission from 2.5% to 12% in each sells.

2. Advertising

This is the another way to make money thought blogging. And almost every blogger used this way to make their first income because its a very easy as compare to affiliates marketing.
AdSense is a Ad network of Google which pays more than other ad networks this is the reason why 99% of bloggers prefer AdSense. If you want to implement AdSense ads on yoir blog you will have to Work with AdSense Rules and Policies to get your site approved by AdSense. Without approval you cannot show AdSense Ads.
Other Ad networks like Media.net will approve your site if its getting high traffic from tier one countries.

3. Sponsor Posts & Banners

If your website/blog bring decent amount of traffic then you have high chance to get Sponsor Posts and Banners.
Sponsor Post means A Big Company related your blog niche will tell you to publish a Positive review of their products in your website. If you accept this, In return They will give you some of $$$ according to your traffic + blog quality.

For Example : If your blog is related to Health Niche.. A Company which make B.P. Checker Machine will contact you through your email and tell you to post a Positive reviews about Their B.P. Checker Machine. And when you post this.. They will give you good amount in return.

Similarly a company will tell you to put a banner ad in your blog. And when your ready to put, the backlink you will get money.

4. Selling eBooks

If you have written a book and searching platform to promote that then your own website can be a amazing option to Sell ebook to your visitors. in previous post I have shared AtoZ guide to create and sell ebooks.

If you have ebooks and want to sell it just put a banner ad or landing page of your book’s link. If your website is generating awesome traffic and your book is also realed to your blog’s niche then there will be good chance people buy your book.

Professional bloggers sells their ebooks/Course/or Services on their blogs, many bloggers gives a PDF for free but they will capture email and later they will use email ids to promotional ebooks and services.

5. Providing DoFollow Backlinks & Guest Post

Do Follow Backlinks is a very important factor to rank any website in Google. If your website has a Good Authority and Trust On Google then you can sell DoFollow backlinks to mny others bloggers.

Every blogger will have to create high quality backlinks to get higher rank in google so they will give you money and te you to give a backlink.

Similarly Guest Post, Blogger will Write one or more articles for your blog and they will add one or two links of their blog to get a backlinks. But if you have good authority then you can charge for every guest post.

I have given 25$ for a single guest post to a blogger. You can aslo charge 25$ or more according to your blog and authority.


In this post I have mentioned 5 best ways to make money from a Blog. If your a beginner then 2nd method will be best for you. If you have Good writing skill then you can also try Affiliates Marketing and ebooks selling. Sponsor posts, banners, Dofollow Backlinks and Guest Post requests you will get if your site is bring awesome traffic and have Trust and Authority. If you have any confusion then please comment below. Happy Earning ☺.

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