How To Start Selling eBooks to Make Money Online

Create and Sell eBooks to Make Money Online : In this internet era you can do lots of things to make money online. Selling ebooks is also a biggest opportunity to Make Money Online.

If you are interested in writing, have good writing skill, have proper knowledge in anything then you can start selling ebooks.

No Investment is required, no need to Open A Company, no need to setup anything. With the writing skills, Laptop/PC, and internet connection you can start this business free of cost.
Here I am sharing A to Z guide to Start ebook selling business. You will How to Create ebooks, How to run ebook business, how to sell ebooks, where to publish/sell ebooks and much more.

How to Sell eBooks To Make Money At Home?

Selling eBook is one of the best Profitable niche to Make Make Online. 1990s was the time when people used to buy physical/printed books to read but today, Internet and Smart Gadgets made reading easier and no need of printed books.

Still A Good Investment is required to Create a Physical Books. But in eBook there is no or only a small requirements are needed to start up this profitable business.

We are covering these Topics Step by Step. ( You can skip to any part by just clicking on the title.

1. What Is eBooks?
2. How to Create eBooks?
3. Where To Sell eBooks?
4. How to Earn Money From eBook Business?
5. Where To Get eBook to Re-Sell it?

#1. What Is eBooks?

In this Digital World reading books made easier with cool gadgets. 1990s was the time when people used to read physical and printed books. But now peoples are using there Mobiles Tablets and Laptops to read the books in the form of PDF and ePUB.

There is no physical papers, printing and Covering is required to make a ebook so its a eco friendly too.

eBooks are the Digital Books created in the form of PDF, HTML, ePUB and also many web browsers are providing ebooks by embedding on website. There is no papers, coloring materials and production machines are required so anybody can create ebooks and sell them online.

2. How To Create eBooks?

Creating ebooks mean creating a PDF document. There are number of PDF editor tools are available in Internet which will help you to make ebooks.

Basically A PDF editor software or a Document Editor app can be used as eBook Editor Software. If You have PC or Laptop and have Window or Mac Operating system you can get these Softwares from their official websites.

Here I am Suggest Adobe Acrobat to edit PDFs and Microsoft Word, If you want to make ebook in .Word file format. Microsoft Excel can also be used to make ebooks.

3. Where To Sell eBooks?

You have made a ebook. Now its time to sell it, but dont know where you should sell it?
Here is the solution.
There are lots of platform are available in internet market which will help you to sell your ebook and also you can share your books in different social media platforms too.

here is few platforms to promote ebooks.

1. Amazon Kindle : Amazon is a world’s largest shopping website similarly Amazon Kindle is a platform for ebooks and where you can get lots of ebooks and educational materials. Not only you can get ebooks, If you are a author of a book than you can publish your book here.

Just make a account in Amazon kindle Service, fill your details and informations. Afert reviewing by Amazon, you are ready to publish you books.

2. Google Play Books : As you know Google Play Store is a largest App market in this internet world and similarly Google Play Books is also a service provided by Google where you can get Millions of Ebooks and Book summaries.

If you are a writer than you can sell your book here too.
Just create a Account in Google Play Books and leave for 24 hr, Google will manually review your account and after reviewing, you are ready to sell your ebooks.

3. Through Your Website : In previous post I have shared step by Step guide to make a blog. If you know how to create websites than a one for yourself. Here By Optimizing your post you will get traffic and also your visitors will buy your Product.

4. Fb/Google Advertisements : You can run Paid advertisements on Facebook and Google to get target visitors to sell your book. This will be costly so you should maintain your expense and earning of selling each books.

4. How to Earn Money From eBook Business?

You can earn huge money from selling ebook. I have earned 5000$ in just 3 month by selling a 30 pages of ebook. Making ebook is one time investment, and after that you can sell your ebook unlimited times.

Assuming you have uploaded your ebook on Amazon kindle and Google Play books.

Suppose you are selling you book for 30$
Amazon and Google Play book will charge on each sell. Suppose you pay 5$ on each sell. Your earning will be 25$ on each sell.

If you are selling 50 book each month then your earning will be 50×25$ = 1250$

5. Where To Get eBook to Re-Sell it?

If you dont want to write any book or dont have any idea to write than you can buy a ebook to resell it.

PLR products are the product which you can buy to resell it. Just search PLR Book on google and you will get lots of serch results. Buy any one from any website to resell that.

Final Word

Selling ebooks is one of the best business strategy you can do it by sitting at home. If dont want to do hard work to make money than you can do this business. I have shared A to Z about ebook business. If you have any query then you can ask on comment section.

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