Develop Android/iOS games and 2500$ per day | Make Money From Games

Develop Android/iOS games and 2500$ per day | Make Money From Games

In this post I am going to everything about Game Development and how can you earn money from Making games for Android phones. This will be similar to our previous post : How to Create Android App and Earn Money Online. Because both are Android Apps.

Making Android Games Could be a hard task for you but earnings amazing in this field. If you have interest in Programming languages then you are ready to go with this.

I am sharing a to z about Android Game Development, How to Create Android Games? Requirements for Game Development? Methods to make money from Android Games.

So first of all we are talking about requirements for making an Android Game.

Requirements For Game Development

1. Programming Knowledge

1.1. C# : C# is a programming language mostly used to create game because one of the best game development platform Unity Support this language.

1.2. JavaScript : Unity Platform also support JavaScript to write functions for a game.

1.3. Python : For making Online and Multiplayer games mostly developers prefer Python language. One of biggest reason is Python is very easy to learn. Its takes less time to learn in compare of other programming language.

1.4. C and C++ can also be used to make games.

2. Powerful System

A powerful PC or Laptop with good processor is required to make Game development platforms. If you dont want troubles then you can prefer a laptop or PC with this requirements :

1. Processor : i5 or i7
2. RAM : Minimum 8GB
3. Space : 4GB of SSD
4. Graphics : Minimum 2 GB for basic 2D games. 4GB or More for 3D games
5. Operating System : Mac/Windows

3. Unity Or Other Platform

A platform is required to make a game and there are lots of free and paid platforms are available on market which helps to make games.

4. Internet Connection

Internet Connection is required to download software and for setups.

How to Create Android Games?

With the platform you can easily create any kind of games according to your idea. In this article I have shared about Unity and Unity 3D platform. With this software you can create any kind of games/3D games/ PC games/ VR Games etc free of cost. Here is how can you use it.

1. Go to
2. Select your Operating system and download Unity Software.
3. Install it on Your PC and Open it.

After that you will get lots of tools to make games.
This is not possible to teach you about making games in a single article because its a blog to show you the opportunities make money.

Here i Have attached YouTube Playlist for Unity Tutorial.

How to Make Money From Android Game?

1. Advertisement

Advertisement and Rewarded Videos are one of the best and easy way to make money from Apps. If your App has awesome downloads such as 100k or Plus downloads then you can make 25$-250$ per day.

There are number of ads provider are available in market you can use that. I personally recommend you to go with Google Admob. This will pay you high and its offered by google so you can trust on Admob.

2. Selling Paid Features

Putting Ads can be a reason for losing active users because ads may Disturb your users.

So selling paid features is another great way to make money from games. Dont allow your users to use all the features of apps free of cost.

Make few free features and make few Premium features. User will buy that Premium Features and you will earn money.

For Example : if You have ever played Ckas Of Clan then must know how Clash of Clan Selling their Games. Clash Of Clan provided lots of tools/features/characters etc for free but games are available when you pay them and if you buy games you can buy anything from Clash of clan.

3. Sponsorship and Banner Ads

A big company related to your Game will contact you to promote their business, Apps or Services. In return company will pay you huge money. Popularity of your App will decide Fluctuations of Price.

4. Paid Download

You can set price on Apps download. People who want to download that app will pay you first to install your App.

Final Word

Making Android Games are one of the best business and have a big Option to make it brand. In 21th century everyone has an Android phone so you can easily target to peoples. There are Many software are also available which is providing all the tools to create game without codes like Unreal Engin. If you are interested in gaming then you must start your career in Gaming Industry.

I hope this article helped you to know about Gaming industry.

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