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Mobile App Development is a very potential way to make money online by working at home. Becoming a Android App Developer is a skill and If you have own this then no one can stop you to make huge money from internet.

In this post i am Sharing about Android Development, How to Create Android Apps? How to make money from Android Apps? What the things are required in Android Development? How much money you can earn from your App everything about Android App.

In this 21th century everyone has a smartphone in their hand. If you have an idea that can help the peoples to solve their problems then you can convert your idea to An Android App. Making Android Apps is Similar to Making Android Games which we have posted on Previous post.

Because everyone has a Smartphone, you can get awesome downloads if your idea is unique and useful.
Here is the step by step guide to make money from Android Development.

Android App Development

#1. What the things are required in Android Development?

Before Developing an Android App there are few things are required to create an App. These are listed below.

1. Java/Kotlin : Java And Kotlin are the programming languages by which you can create the brain of your App.
Basically Java or Kotlin language is most required thing to start this business.

You can learn Java Or Kotlin from Online and Offline sources both are enough but I’ll recommend you to go with Online Courses.

When you become a expert in Java Or kotlin, you will be able to create Apps.

2. XML : XML is a Markup Language which help you to design the layout of Applications. This helps to design UI of Apps.

3. Computer/ Laptop : A computer or laptop is required to run the software which will create apps. A Computer/Laptop with good Configuration is required to run that Software so I’ll recommend you to get this :

Operating system : Mac/Window
Processor : i5 or i7 (you can choose i3 too but this will process slowly.
RAM : 8GB minimum
Storage : 4GB minimum
Storage Type : Prefer SSD.. But you can also use HDD.

4. Android Studio Software : Android Studio is a platform for app development provided by Google. Android Studio Support Java and Kotlin both languages.

5. Internet Connection : Internet connection is required to Download Android Studio and Gradle files. After setup everything, you can work offline too.

That was the all required things. After completing everything you are ready to develop Apps.

#2. How to Create An Android App?

Developing an App cannot be explained in a blogpost because you can do whatever you wants with Android Studio.

Android Studio provides full freedom of doing anything. According to your experience and knowledge you can create apps.

Here is the tutorial video to learn how can you create your first Android App.

#3. How to Make Money from Apps?

There are many ways are available by which you can earn money from Your App same as we have talked in Blogging series. If you have read this post “5 Ways to make Money from Blogging” then you can also use the methods given in that post in Android Apps too.
Here I am explaining all the types :

1. Advertisement

Advertisement is one of the best and easy method to make money from Apps. If your App has awesome downloads such as 100k or Plus downloads then you can make 25$-250$ per day.

There are number of ads provider are available in market you can use that. I personally recommend you to go with Google Admob. This will pay you high and its offered by google so you can trust on Admob.

2. Selling Paid Features

Putting Ads can be a reason for losing active users because ads may Disturb your users.

So selling paid features is another great way to make money from Apps. Dont allow your users to use all the features of apps free of cost.

Make few free features and make few Premium features. User will buy that Premium Features and you will earn money.

For Example : PicsArt is a number one Photo Editing App in Google Play store and Apple App store. PicsArt provide lots of tools for free but many tools are available when you pay them.
Like PicsArt App already have provided Few free Fonts, But if you want more fonts, you need to buy that.

3. Sponsor and Banner Ads

A big company related to your App will contact you to promote their business, Apps or Services. In return company will pay you huge money. Popularity of your App will decide Fluctuations of Price.

4. Affiliates Marketing

You can promote others products or services through refer link on your app you will get commission in every sell your users make.

5. Charge For Download

You can set price on Apps download. People who want to download that app will pay you first to install your App.

#4. How much money you can earn from your App?

There is no limit on earning. You can earn from 1$ to 1000$ per day or ever more too.

Much your app got download, Much you will earn, you’ll just have to create an app where people can engage and will open everyday.

Lets calculate the earning of Apps.

If you have uploaded your app on Google Play Store and it crossed 1 Million downloads.

80% of your have uninstalled your App so only 2,00,000 people have your apps.

Suppose only 10% people of people are opening your App everyday means 40,000 people are using your App everyday.

If you have monetized your app through Google Admob. Then suppose each people will show 10 Ads.

Mean 10×40,000 = 4,00,000 Ads Impression.

Only 5% ads are clicked by users, means you will get 20,000 clicks.

If your users comes from tire three countries then you will get 0.02-0.03$ CPC for each click mean.

    For 0.02$ CPC you will get
    0.02×20,000 = 400$ Each day.
    Fir 0.03$ CPC you will get
    0.03×20,000 = 600$ per day.

If your users comes from tire one counties then your CPC will between 0.05 to 0.15$.

    For 0.05$ CPC you will get
    0.05×20,000 = 1000$ Each day.
    Fir 0.15$ CPC you will get
    0.15×20,000 = 3000$ per day.

This level of earnings you can get if your app crossed 1 Million Downloads.

Proof Of Earnings :
If you wants proofs of earning, search this term on google :
Monthly earning of . Etc.

See the screenshot below. Here I have attached earning proof of few famous Apps.

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Final Word

Android App development is one the potential and genuine way to earn money but learning Java Or Kotlin is a little bit hard. So You can start your career if you are interested in Programming otherwise this will cannot give you money.

If you dont want to spend time on learning then you can also hire developers on Fiverr or near by you.

I hope this post has helped you. If you have any confusion or have any question, please drop in comment section. Read our all the posts for more money making ideas.

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