Best 5 Websites to Download eBooks For Free 2020

5 Websites to download ebooks for free 2020 :
Hey Bibliophilia, If you are searching about websites to Download Ebooks for free?

Here I am going to share 5 websites to download ebooks for free. Getting a PDF file of a famous book is very hard task because most of websites are banned by government for doing piracy of ebooks.

No Author wants people read pdf of their book instead of buying it, but people who want to read books but dont want to spend a single bucks, This is unfair. Because they are also doing their business. Anyway!

Here I am going to share 5 website which will provide you almost all type of ebooks in form of PDF. That will be easy to use and safe.

Top 5 Websites to download PDF Files.

websites to download ebooks

1. Robbomb

Yeah, The blog where you are reading this. is also a website where We share PDF files.

Currently we have shared More than thousands of PDF files for free.
Here you can get different type of ebooks such as in form of PDF, epub and .html.

Many websites are available in internet which aslo helps in downloading PDF but from our website you can download any books in just single click.

Website Name : Robbomb
Alexa Rank : 3556653
Number of visitors Per Month : 50k
Name of Owner : Anurag Sharma

2. PDFdrive

Pdftime is One of the largest PDF sharing website on internet OR you can also say PDF Drive is a free search engine which allows you to search, preview and download millions of PDF files into your devices.

PDFdrive is very smart website, they read about your interest through your recently search terms and they shows related books according to interest. This helps is getting more related books.

Here you can get pdf of each categories such as Academic & Education, Art, Biography, Business & Career, Children & Youth, Environment, Fiction & Literature, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle,Personal Growth, Politics & Laws, Religion, Science & Research, Technology.

Website Name : PDFdrive
Alexa Rank : 2442
Number of visitors Per Month : 3 Millon
Name of Owner : Unknown

3. Slideshare.Net

Specially for Students, website share mostly educational related books and slideshows. If you are a student than you should visit this because every type of educational materials are available here in form of slideshare. They are also providing PDFs.

Team of Professional teachers made notes and ebook for visitors, this is a reason why its getting 30 Million Pageviews every month.

Website Name :
Alexa Rank : 134
Number of visitors Per Month : 44 Million
Name of Owner : Unknown


Scribd is one the best website to download eBooks, Audiobooks and Magazines online. But the drawback of this website is its downloading feature comes in paid subscription.

Here you can Access an unlimited* number of books, audiobooks, magazines, and more all for only $8.99/month.

Scribd launches the world’s first open publishing platform in March 2007, allowing anyone to quickly and easily share ideas with the world.

Scribd introduces the first reading subscription service in Oct 2013, providing readers with monthly access to books — all for one flat fee.

Website Name : Scribd
Alexa Rank : 223
Number of visitors Per Month : 29 Million
Name of Owner :


Over 2 Million peoples are visiting this blog every month. With this kind of popularity you can assume the quality of this website.

In this website you will get all type of ebooks in every category. offers unlimited free access to eBooks in HTML format and access to five eBooks each month in PDF and/or TXT format

Website Name :
Alexa Rank : N/A
Number of visitors Per Month : 265k
Name of Owner : N/A

Last Word

Above I have listed 5 Useful websites where you can download any kind of ebooks for free. If you are facing any issue or found another useful website then let us know about that so that we can add those too.

I have shared the list website where you download ebooks, but i am not promoting anything illegal. I always recommend people to buy a paperback version of book which will help to author of that book.

**Use the website given above at your own risk.

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