About Us

Hello Guys, We are here to welcoming you.
Here you are going to know about us. Who we are?, From Where we are? Why we have created this website. If you are curious to know about us. Read below.

Who We Are?

We are 2 Geek & College friend from Nepal. Behind this site you will find Me and My Friend.
I am Neeraj Pandit and I am a College student from Katmandu Nepal.
My Friend Sudha Aryal, She is my classmate.
We both decided to create this blog to help people.

From Where We are?
We are from a beautiful Place Kathmandu, Nepal. A place to hill and template.

Why We have created this website

As technology spreaded everywhere. Most of people face many problems in this online field. We have created this website to shortout the problems most of people facing.
You can visit to our website if you have any technology related problems.